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He froze and looked back at him, nodding slowly. “I’m…very tired.” Hiccup swallowed thickly and kept his eyes on anything but Jack. He couldn’t watch Jack without turning red rather than pink.

“Um…didn’t know you could move like that.” He may as well get this out now rather than later. “You uh…I’m going to go shower.” He didn’t want to be here at the moment, ashamed of himself more than anything. How could he think around Jack after seeing that? The dance did it’s job, he wanted to see more of it. But not anymore. If he did, he didn’t know where his mind would go and that was not good for friends.

So the ballet dancing swordsman and his friend the belly dancer. Geez what a pair they were.

Jack gave a soft laugh. “Yeah..helps keep me limber…for when I do parkour an’ stuff like that..” He glanced off to the side. “S-sorry you had to see that. I guess I kind lost track of time.” The albino bit his bottom lip as he rubbed slightly at his elbow, glancing at him when he said that he was going to go shower. “Um, yeah go for it, I just took one myself but I cleaned up good so..” Annnnd now he was babbling. “Uhm, yeah.”

He watched Hiccup go and sighed softly, running his hand back through his hair, eyes closed. “Pffft…yeah way to make an ass of yourself Overland.” Jack would admit, he had a crush on his roomie. Hardcore, but oddly, he found himself much too anxious to say anything to him about it. Mostly because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship with his silly infatuation. He adored Hiccup; how he was so smart, how his freckles stood out when he was embarrassed, the cute way he poked his tongue out when he was really concentrating on something. Jack simply thought he was spectacular.


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FYI…those pine needles hurt like heck.

Just some unedited photos…

Jack Frost Cosplay by me

Photography by villainycosplay

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There they did stand and there they did stay
When there came a young boy who was running away,
From a mad world, a bad world, a world of decay.
And it’s comfort he sought in their branches…

Cosplay by me

Photography by villainycosplay

Edits by me

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8. My muse dancing around to sexy music

A bright grin filled the albino’s face as he opened the package that Tooth had sent him. It was a flashdrive with some of their practice music on it. Since the outfit he wore was always kept over at her place for when they danced, he’d have to settle for his sleep pants. His shirt was shucked off and tossed haphazardly over the end of his bed as he flicked his computer on and slipped the drive into it. A few clicks and the music was pulling up and the strains of Indian music came from the speakers.

Jack moved to the center of his room, focusing on the music, remembering the steps that Tooth had taught him. He hummed along with the words, letting himself be swept away by the exotic music. At first he’d been against learning how to bellydance, but with enough pleading, begging and bribery with Jack’s favorite candy, he’d been coerced. It was awkward to begin with, but now, his movements were smooth and rather graceful, the yoga he did allowing him to easily move his hips and body in the way required.

So swept up in the song and dance, the albino teen enjoyed himself by getting carried away with the music as easily as a feather on a breeze.


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9. My muse doing yoga in their underwear

Jack took a slow breath as he stretched out on the mat. This was his favorite part of the day. It helped him de-stress and wind down for the night. He had just finished up a shower, being too lazy to put on pants so instead, he slipped on his boxer briefs. Long legs were moved and stretched out, his body shifting and moving gracefully from pose to pose between periods of a half minute.

Some were simple, others were more than that, at the moment he was stretched, his weight up on his forearms, his feet settled on his head. He laughed, giving himself a little scratch with his toes before he took a slow breath.

In and out.

Slow and fluid. He felt the stress of the day melting away, leaving the pleasant warm throb of well worked muscles.

Pitch blinked as he opened the door, a bit surprised at the scene before smirking. “My, what a way to do yoga, hm? How are you feeling?” He closes the door behind him, never really quite used to Jack’s antics - although some of them, like this one, was a pleasant surprise - and so he never was really certain what he’d come home to. But the view he was getting was definitely nice. “You’re going to stretch your spine out you know.”

He made his way to the kitchen to fix himself a snack, tired from running around buying supplies for himself. He was half tempted to join Jack, but he wasn’t as flexible. Well, somewhat. He couldn’t do what he was doing right now, that’s for sure.

Jack glanced over and grinned at Pitch. “Hey you~ Welcome home.” He shifted his weight up onto his hands, doing a handstand before letting his legs fall into a wide split. “Pft, I’m fine. Besides..would you rather me not do this and fall on my face the next time I go practicing my parkour?” He teased. He held the position for a while before he shifted easing onto his back and settling into another one.

"Sooo~ how was work?" He asked, head tipping back on his mat to watch Pitch as he puttered about in the kitchen. "From the look of you I’d say you had a prety busy day huh? Anything exciting happen at all?"

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Kozmotis pulled his jacket tighter around himself, lugging up the stairs a large grocery bag. Tonight was a full moon, and he had to prepare wisely; that meant using all eight deadbolts he had installed onto the doors, nailing his windows shut as well as locking them and covering them with trash bags - in case he accidentally broke one - and then trying to keep himself sated with all the meat he had bought today.

As long as he didn’t make too much noise, he should be alright; his neighbor didn’t mind it too much thankfully, and didn’t really trouble him with trying to call the police or landlord when he heard howling and scratching noises. Thank God for his good neighbor. He would’ve gotten a house if he could afford one in the city, where his job was..

For now, locking down his apartment seemed effective enough.

Soon enough Jack was in the homestretch. He loved food, especially good food and often took his time to simply savor and enough it. When he was finished, he washed it down with the last of the wine and laughed. “Too bland? Nahhh, one of the best steaks I’ve ever had to be honest.” He slid the mint parfait to himself, grinning slightly as he took up a spoon and poked into it. “A whole pack or just one really hungry werewolf huh?” he grinned at him before he nibbled a spoonful of the sweet treat.

"Heh, I’ll be sure to keep away from peppermint then." He smiled and nibbled a bit of whipped cream and mint off his spoon. "You said you had a job helping people, what exactly do you do?" He had to admit he’d always been rather curious of Kozmotis and what his job entailed.

"Ah, I am a police officer." He happily digs into his caramel parfait, ears still pink from Jack’s little joke. It was true his werewolf self could have probably eaten much more than what he had bought. "The police dogs love me." He laughs, happy for his nice job. Wasn’t too demanding, really, the city was pretty tranquil. Not too much crime, and he also got the chance to train the police dogs. "I mostly like talking to people and helping them when something bad’s happened, or reuniting kids with their parents. That sort of thing." A bit cheesy, hm? A werewolf loving to be around people and find people and be around people and cheer them up. He loved it though, and it was good that he enjoyed his job so much because he saved up vacation days so that he could have time off during the full moon days.

"I’d love to see one of your ice sculptures, by the way. They sound very interesting." He smiles, half done with the first parfait and preparing himself for the next one.

"Wow a cop huh? That’s pretty impressive~" He grinned slightly at Koz’s comment and laughed along with him. "Yeah, most dogs like to suck up to the Alpha male when they can." Jack took another bite of the lovely mint parfait. "Aw…you’re a regular hero huh?" Came the warm statement, Jack giving him a gentle look. "Y’know I never would have guessed you were a cop…I thought you were like…Special ops or a spy or something~" He wiggled his spoon at him a moment and licked a bit of whipped cream from around his mouth. "I think we’ve both got it pretty good though huh? Doin’ what we love."

The spoon rattled about in the bottle of the glass, Jack getting the last bit before moving to the strawberry one. Mmm strawberry. He plucked the fresh berry off the top and nibbled it before glancing at him with a grin. “Heh, well I’m working up to being able to make my own sculptures. Right now I’m just a lackey..I clean the workshop, monitor the freezing stations, that kinda thing. I also watched Nickolas while he works and I take notes so that when he does finally put me on my first project, I’m not floundering about like a moron..” He gave a bit of a sheepish laugh, eating the last of the berry and licking his thumb clean of juice.