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12. ๑ Mermaids AU

for pegleg-hiccup

It was another beautiful day, Jack stirring from the small hole that he had made his home. The pale merboy poked his head out, the fins on either side of his head flicking gently as bright blue eyes scanned for any danger. Once he was sure that he was safe, he smiled and with a powerful stroke of his tail fin he was out like a shot. The seas were calm today, bright and blue. The fish swam about contentedly, parting easily for the pale merboy as he made for the surface.

Jack knew he had to be quick, should he linger too long, his coloring would give him away and he might be injured by a shark or worse. He longed to reach his favorite spot, to lay out on the rock and bathe in the sun and perhaps have something tasty to eat, since his favorite spot was a good home for oysters.

Reaching the rock, he circled, using the claws of his webbed fingers to pry off a good handful of the shellfish, holding them close to his chest before slowly swimming to the surface with effortless flicks of his tail. His torso broke the surface first and he placed his bounty on the rock, digging his claws in to hoist himself up onto it with strong sweeps of his tail. Perching there, he sighed happily, ruffling his wet white hair before picking up an oyster, using claws and sharp teeth to force it open to get at his breakfast.

It was such a lovely relaxing day that he didn’t notice that he was being watched.

Jack gave a laugh then, rolling over his tail flicking over his back. “Of course not; if I did, I wouldn’t have offered.” He gave him a teasing look then. Hiccup was rather silly, but Jack admitted it, he was quickly growing attached to him. He felt rather antsy waiting for him to finish eating, but when he did, Jack perked up happily. Rolling over, he pushed himself into the water, waiting for him with a wide smile. “Well follow me!”

With that, he ducked under the surface, letting out a pleased sigh as the water wrapped him in its cool embrace. It was nice when he’d been out in the sun to cool off. He glanced to make sure the other was following him and moved to gently take him by the wrist. He didn’t want anything to happen to him and also, it helped him make sure that he didn’t swim too fast for him.

They swam down to what looked to be a sheer seacliff, but Jack flit about until he found the almost invisible opening. He smiled “This way..” and right inside he went. It was just big enough to fit one at a time, so he went on ahead. The small tunnel opened up to a rather roomy cove with little nooks carve out of the rock that held things Jack liked. Bits and bobs from human ships, shells that caught his attention, pearls, there was even a section that was devoted to growing oysters and clams. An emergency food supply. Jack swam about, making sure everything was as he left it before grinning down to Hiccup as he entered. “Welcome to my home!”

Hiccup allowed the other to lead him by the hand, it was relieving so they wouldn’t become separated. After covering a short distance, he led the two of them to a small opening. “I’m right behind you.” He chuckled, watching as Jack had went through first, and slowly he followed behind.

Passing through the tunnel, Hiccup was greeted to a spacious cove. A lot of different objects and things were placed about. He gazed in awe at how homely it all looked. No doubt better than where he had been staying. “It’s amazing…” He commented, while swimming over to Jack.

Jack swam to the center where there was a stone platform and settled himself on it happily. “Thanks! I happened to find it when I got chased off…I had to carve it out some, but…it’s home!” He swam over to the entrance and grinned. “And look look, I even have this thingy I got from one of the human ships!” It was a large flat metal disk that fit perfectly over the opening that he could shove a rock against to keep out intruders. “It’s handy for when I’m being chased by somethin’.”

He patted it gently and swam around Hiccup with a bright grin. “I’m glad you like it! Like I said…if you wanna come by, you’re always welcome. I don’t really get much in the way of nice visitors. Usually bitey eels or other merfolk that wanna hurt me or like…collect me. I dunno it’s weird.” He shrugged then and giving him a warm smile. “You said you’re not from around here…where?” Jack had to admit he was curious as to where his lovely guest hailed from.

snowballs-n-funtimes whispered -- "Nh, don’t be so rough!" 




Hiccup rolled his eyes at the protesting male, leaning back and letting go of the hair he had a grip on. “Well I’m sorry for being so caught up in the moment.” He mumbled.

He smiled and kissed there once again when he felt the shiver. “Yours is too y’know..” He murmured against his skin, dragging his teeth gently along one freckled shoulder. Jack sighed, looking to those pretty spots as he lapped and nibbled at them, fingers creeping up his lover’s torso, brushing along sensitive areas that he knew.

"Love you." he murmured against his neck, kissing up it to his ear. Jack contented himself with nibbling on the lobe, tracing it gently with the tip of his tongue as he pressed himself closer to Hiccup.

Chuckling, Hiccup lifted his hand to continuing what he had been doing prior. Lacing one had gently through Jack’s hair, massaging and taking extra care of not tugging. His breath hitched as Jack dragged his teeth along his shoulder. “J-Jack…” A small giggle escaped his lips.

Gods he knew each sensitive part of him. Holding back from squirming underneath his boyfriend, Hiccup distracted himself by threading his second hand into Jack’s hair. Lightly pushing the other down so there bodies were even closer together. “Love you too…” He gave a slight moaning, feeling the very tip of Jack’s tongue along his lobe.

Jack hummed happily as Hiccup’s hands settled into his hair, gently this time. He shifted and let himself be tugged down, shifting and settling so he was on top of his boyfriend comfortably. “Now…just let me handle this huh?” He murmured against his ear. Leaning back, his hands pushed Hiccup’s shirt up and over his head, but not all the way off, leaving his arms trapped over his head. “There~” He teased with a grin.

He didn’t know how long Hiccup would tolerate it, but he went for it with the precious little time he had. Pale pink lips pressed warm kisses down his neck, along his collarbone. Jack lavished attention on each nipple, lapping at the gently before fastening his mouth over with a suckle and a oh so gentle worry of his teeth. He kissed down his stomach, pressing little nips over his ribs. All the while his hands stroking along his sides, gripping his hips and slowly kneading there.

snowballs-n-funtimes whispered -- Jack sighed as he landed lightly inside the Warren, looking around with a small smile. Fall was here, Winter was on the way. At the moment, his duties were light; just a little dusting of frost here and there, a bit of snow further up north, but he wanted to see Aster. Spying his mate he grinned, sneaking up on him and sliding cold fingers into his fur. "Bunnny~ I'm hooooome~" He all but sang against his back. 




At the slight sensation of a cold breeze
you’d think the Pooka would have come 
to realize what was about to happen. And
yet Jack’s sudden embrace caught  him
completely off guard. 

 ”CRiKEY! That’s cold, Jack!”

Oh how times had changed. Not so long ago, Aster would have chased the lad out of his Warren, but now, here Jack Frost was, curled and content in the arms of the Easter Bunny. Honestly there was no where else he’d rather be.

"Mn.." Jack flushed a pretty shade of red-violet when Aster rubbed along his back. It was a weakness of his and it was the quickest way to quiet the usually excitable sprite down. He nuzzled close to him with a mutter of "Cheater~" spoken in the most caring way of course. "Mhm…it’s nice up there…kinda like Spring…you should come with me next time." He said softly, looking up at him with those pleading eyes.

"S’not cheatin’ its wisdom." He shot back at 
the ‘melting’ Frost in his lap. To be honest 
he’d use this method anytime Jack was a 
bit much for him. The teen could certainly
get a little hyper for him at times, not that
he couldn’t keep up - he definitely could 
set a pace of his own. With Jack though
a moment of rest was appreciated. 

"Ya know Ah’m not a fan of tha cold, Frostbite." 
He muttered, avoiding all eye contact with 
his mate. He already knew what was waiting him.
"Stop tha eyes - whose tha cheater now, eh?"

"But Aster…." He said in the soft pleading voice. "It’s not even all that cold out during the day…and I never get to spend cool weather with you…" Jack was trying his very hardest. He knew that Bunny wasn’t fond of the cold, but he wanted to at least share Fall with him. It was kinda like Spring, only it was a few degrees cooler and things were pretty colors of red, orange and yellow.

" said you wanted inspirations for your eggs next year…come up with me so you can see the leaves! Their colors are amazing, like nothing you’ve ever seen…" Yup, Jack was appealing to the artist side of his love, nosing into his ruff and looking up at him. "Please? I’ll even get you a scarf if you want~" The sprite would admit it, it was one thing he honestly really wanted…to see the fall leaves with the Pooka. It just walk with him under them and admire the beauty with someone who could really appreciate it…and he knew he would! If…IF he could get him up there.

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Isn’t it relaxing?
Just seeing the snow quietly flow down, makes you calm.

This is so perfect I want to cry

This is so relaxing to watch


this morning suits the world I left abruptly. 

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Kisses on the calm ocean…

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Sam Smith’s “Stay with me” is so beautiful. 


10.19  Kisses

This is very old. But I miss seeing ROTG in my page so have some old doodles of my fav otps. 


Yay! I haven’t drawn this boy in a while! I missed him!

Almost done with the old requests, and will soon move on to the new ones! :)

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

"Shh I’m gonna try and get that for you"is the single best description for my relationship with my OC ever